Founded in 2013, Boogie Down Games is a development team based in NYC which focuses on creative, fun, and original apps and games.

A ragtag team of artists, programmers, and designers looking to make fun games for the next generation of gamers. Full speed ahead!

From ideation to deployment, we do the whole 9 yards. That’s because we’re passionate about our games and work.

With the combined technical and artistic skills of the team, we’re able to take game ideas and turn them to reality.


Misael Aponte
Lead Programmer
With over 25 years experience in computer programming and a collection of developed apps, Mike brings clear focus and spirit to the Boogie Down Games brand.
Alessandro Lolli
3D Artist
Trained in the arts of 3D modeling and animation, Alex brings our game ideas to life. Guilty of rapid game ideation, his creativity and endevour towards perfection puts the final seal on Boogie Down Games.
Bilal Abdul-Nabi
Game Programmer
Ever since he was a kid, Bilal wanted to know how computer games worked. Now, he’s making them. His design and technical skills allows for Boogie Down Games’ to shine.
Dennis Ilagan
Game Designer / Manager
With an unfathomable depth of obscure and arcane video game knowledge, Dennis knows the industry’s  trends better than anyone else. Personable and social, he handles all business relationships for Boogie Down Games.


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